It is the city bustling with majestic forts, palaces and shopping hubs. A 10-km strong wall having 8 entrances surrounds the entire old and new Jodhpur City. The best time to visit the city would be from October to March. The charming palaces, forts, havelis and beautiful gardens are the major tourist attractions. It's the historical culture, its people, festivity and the folks of Jodhpur really fascinate the visitors.

Tourists Attractions of Jodhpur

The main attractions include Mehrangarh Fort, located on a hilltop, is the considered to be among the biggest forts in India. Umaid Bhavan Palace, is quite famous for its unique architectural splendor, the only one of its kind in whole India. This palace is lately transformed into a deluxe hotel however, some parts have been preserved as a museum. Jaswat Thada, is a imperial monument constructed in white marble. It showcases some unique painting of the rulers of Jodhpur. Sadar Market and the Old clock Tower, re-establish the old hut culture and is a major attraction of the Jodhpur City. Moreover, the old city Clock Tower is also a conspicuous artifact.

Excursions from Jodhpur

Ossian (65 km) is one of the ancient cities in Rajasthan, famous for its age old Jain temples. Mandore (8 km) is the ancient capital of Marwar, famous for its 16 huge figures chiseled out of a single rock also called as a Hall Of Heroes and the shrine of 33 million gods. Balsamand Lake and Palace (7 km) is a scenic sight with the wonderful blue lake which is surrounded by summer palaces all around it.

How to Reach Jodhpur

The city, because of having its own airport at just 5km from the main city, is very well connected through direct flights from all the major places viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur. Jodhpur is also well connected by direct rail lines to many important places like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Varanasi, Gujarat and Utter Pradesh. Palace on Wheels tour conducted by Rajasthan tourism is perhaps the best way of exploring the desert. By road also, regular buses connects the entire city to all the major cities in India. One can enjoy the comforts of air-conditioned buses plied by state and private operators.

Other Attractions of Jodhpur

Marwar Festivals comes in the month of September-October during full moon. The celebration goes on for two days. The city is crowded by visitors from all over the world during Marwar Festival to relish it up to full magnitude. Shopping Jodhpur's specialty lies in its antiques, carpets, puppets and classic silver jewelry.