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Honeymoon is one of the most cherished and awaited moments in the life of an individual.There are thousands of places that makes wonderful luxury honeymoon destinations. Visit secluded islands, sandy powdery beaches, breathtaking hill stations and places of natural scenic beauty and spend luxury honeymoon.

To make this event a lifelong memorable experience, newly weds are advised to sit and plan their honeymoon vacation. While planning your honeymoon vacation, the first thing you should keep in your mind is to choose a top ranking honeymoon destination as per your and your life partner's choice. Look at some of the best honeymoon destinations in India the are segregated for your convenience.

Romance in Peaks

The Hill stations are gateways to some veiled bewitching beauty and exotic experience among the Indian Honeymoon Destinations. Peaks of tremendous heights, uncharted glaciers and valleys, an unbelievable range of vegetation's and wildlife, a wide range of forests, gushing streams, waterfalls surrounded in fog and mist is where love blooms perfectly and India is a country which has them aplenty.

Fall in Love with Snow

Winter honeymoon destinations can provide you experience different from the normal tourism spots. Some couples prefer romantic winter nights and snowy days while on their honeymoon. The season of winter offers couples the unique opportunity to enjoy the joys of winter while they celebrate their new life together. In fact, many couples purposely seek out snowy regions for their honeymoon travel plans!

Unforgettable Moments

Your newly wed partner is very special for you. Isn't it? So why not plan a memorable Honeymoon for her. Total romance in deep romantic environment would make your honeymoon vacation different. Think of a romantic and comfortable vacation at resorts and heritage hotels with your lifemate in houseboats and castles, equipped with all luxuries. The moments spent in luxury in the company of your lovemate would be unforgettable.

Exotic Islands & Beaches

Want to share that special feeling of love with that someone special, than chose from some of the most romantic beach destination in India and take her their. A beach honeymoon vacation can be an enticing proposition for the honeymoon planners. The time spent in the beaches is truly filled with the essence of romance that makes every passing moment a sweet one. Take out time for a walk along the wet sands that reflects never ending romance while on a beach honeymoon!

Wonderful Desert

Honeymoons are all about getting away from it all. And where better to really escape than to the arid, desolate heat of the desert? A honeymoon in desert area offers adventurous couples an opportunity to indulge in romance in arid regions and set out on camel and jeep safaris. A camel ride into the desert brings the fairytale to life. Multiple day safaris sleeping out under the stars are popular but even a couple of hours spent in the desert, watching the sunset on the sand dunes with a picnic, is enough to inspire great romance.